Our vision is to promote the adoption and Internalization of Quality Principles and Practices by public and private enterprises in Nigeria.

To develop a platform of Quality professionals and champions, through capacity building, training and retraining of professionals, mentoring, and networking of ideas, contacts and exposure as a framework for developing society.

We are driven by a passion for Professionalism, Integrity, Best Practice, Accountability, Excellence and Continual Improvement in public and private enterprises.


THE Quality Management Practitioners Association Nigeria, also called “QMPAN”, was established for the promotion and development of Quality Ideals and practice in Nigeria on the basis of the globally accepted facts that Standards are the Foundation of Sustainable Development of a people and their society.

The world economy and the impact of globalisation now mean that it is no longer enough for societies and its citizens, enterprises and their personnel to have and practice narrow minded expertise and values. They must have a much wider knowledge base and practice standards as accepted worldwide.

A people or enterprise therefore that desire to have global relevance must imperatively conduct their affairs in-line with globally accepted framework or standards.

There is no gain-saying that our country Nigeria is challenged as far as the Ideals and Practice of Quality as globally accepted is concerned, and is the reason for the present state of dysfunctional and absence of functional institutions not to mention the lack of attention to sustainability in whatever form be it public or private enterprises.

In order to ameliorate this challenge, QMPAN was established to provide members with the necessary information, insights, skills, mentoring, exposure, platform and professional recognition required to excel in field of Quality.

The core objective of ‘’QMPAN’’ is to use the platform of Quality to contribute creatively, sustainably and optimally to the growth and development of a new Nigeria. QMPAN is determined to promote professionalism, exposure to best practices, adequate skilled manpower and competitiveness for Nigerian enterprises.

‘‘QMPAN’’ is an independent, not for profit and non political professional association that collaborates with other similar bodies, institutions, and associations across the globe with similar objectives.

In realisation of the fact that Quality is a multi-disciplinary field, membership of ‘‘QMPAN’’ shall be open to all Quality Practitioners in all sectors,

We are driven by passion, To develop a platform for Quality professionals and champions through capacity for developing society.