Our Activities

Public lectures

Public lectures are one of the avenues through which we expect to engage with society at large in order to be able to drill down on the advantages of standards

World Quality Day Celebration

The World Quality day is a day set aside by the United Nations in order to emphasize the importance and relevance of Standards to Global development

Annual Quality People Conference

Each year, the Quality Conference brings together health quality practitioners, administrators, and thought leaders

Seminars, Workshop and Symposia

Annually there shall be a schedule of seminars, workshops and symposia all organized


Continual Professional Development (CPD) programmes

QMPAN shall provide avenues for continual professional development for Auditors

Annual Quality Awards

The Annual Quality Awards shall be a part of the annual quality people conference

Who We Are

About Us

QMPAN  was established for the development, mentoring, propagation of knowledge and practice of Quality in Nigeria.

The world economy and the impact of globalisation now mean that it is no longer enough for businesses and their personnel to have and practice narrow minded expertise and values. Businesses must have a much wider knowledge base and practice standards as accepted world over.


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“Standards are the foundation of Development!”

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